AOG Alliance was established as the Ultimate One-Stop-Firm Professional Consultancy Network with the overall objective to think out of the box.

Our members are all high end specialized firms that can work independently or as a team when the need arises. The ultimate objective is to be able to support all client needs at the highest standard in an efficient and effective manner.

AOG Alliance maintain their Headquarters in London and are currently engaged by international clients that originate from UK, Europe, Far East and Middle East.

In general terms the Network represent their clients in all manners of Corporate affairs, that range from New Corporate Structures, Due Diligence, Strategy and Communications, Corporate Finance, Investment Advisory, Commodities, Procurement and Project Management. 

AOG Alliance is not only a network but also a Legal Entity with all Affiliate members represented at its board of directors in UK.

This allows the addition of new members within the network that compliment the standard and service to all clients.

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